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Encoder's and Dro Scales


Rotaty Encoder

Rotary Encoders

  • EN58
    Incremental encoders Ø 58 mm
  • EN38
    Incremental encoders Ø 38 mm
  • EPC
    Rack and pinion encoder
  • EN413
    Incremental encoder
    Ø 41,3 mm
  • VN413
    Electronic handwheel, various fl anges


Optical Scales

Optical Scales

  • ISA 2320
    Incremental optical scale of small overall dimensions
  • SCR 3923
    Multipurpose incremental optical scale
  • PBS-HR
    Self-aligned incremental optical scale
  • GMS
    Incremental modular optical scale
  • NCS
    Incremental optical scale for CNC applications
  • NCH
    Exposed incremental optical scale, with no contact


Magnatic Scales

Magnetic Scales

  • MTS
    Reading system with square-wave output
  • MTR
    Miniaturized reading system with square-wave output
  • MTV
    Reading system with sine-wave output (1 Vpp)
  • VISION 110
    Digital readout with magnetic sensor
  • MP
    Magnetic bands for MTS and MTV sensors
    Cover and suppor


Digital Readouts

Digital Readouts

  • ME510
    Single-axis digital readout
  • ME518
    Single-axis digital readout, with 7-digit display
  • ME600
    Multi-axis digital readout, without auxiliary display
  • ME800
    Multi-axis digital readout, with auxiliary LCD display
  • VI700
    Multi-axis digital readout, with LED display
  • VI900
    Multi-axis digital readout, touch screen color LCD
    Supporting arms


Drivers and Motors

Drivers & Motors

  • Drivers
    Incremental optical scale of small overall dimensions
  • Motors
    Multipurpose incremental optical scale