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Encoder's and Dro Scales | DIGITAL READOUTS
To support the concept of complete CNC package GIVI MISURE Pvt Servo Ltd is offering servo motors and servo drives for CNC machine tools. The new Esa/Gv servo-system family " Esa-digital motion" is compact, versatile, efficient and Reliable drive package which can be interfaced with series 500/550 CNC systems.
Esa- Digital motion drive system consists of

This modular system, based on a centralized power supply, it is specifically addressed for multi axis application where it minimizes the requirements in terms of total room required inside electrical cabinet and no of electrical Components such as contractors fuse etc.
 MOTORS ESA/GV Servo motors are designed and developed with synchronous Brushless and sinusoidal principle. ED series motors are built with integrated drive where as E series are only with BLDC motors for higher torques.