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We have 15 years experience in the field of Energy saving solutions and factory automation in all the areas including Textile, Machine Tool, Printing, Packaging, Food, Automotive, Refineries Etc. We have dealerships with best manufacturers in the market and have been providing our customers various products with best quality and price.

Below are the products we have dealerships with

  • 1. Brakes & Clutches

    a. Pre Adjusted Air Gap Brakes
    b. Pre Adjusted Air Gap and Marine Duty Brakes
    c. Fail Safe Disc Brakes
    d. Flange/Shaft Mounted Electromagnetic Clutch

  • 2. Inverter Drives (Power: 2.2 kW to 22 k) - saving energy and improve efficiency

    Salient Features:
    1. DSP based advanced controller
    2. SVM with bus ripple cancellation
    3. Serial communication RS485/MODBUS RTU
    4. Facility for 24V pnp or npn digital inputs
    5. Two programmable analog inputs
  • 3. Soft Startes
    Soft starters protects AC electric motors from damage caused by sudden influxes of power by limiting the large initial inrush of current associated with motor startup.
  • 4. Encoders
    Rotary Encoders - With metal case for an effective protection against electromagnetic interference. Wide range of pulses/rev. up to 64,000 ppr. MAX frequency 300 kHz and IP 67 protection DIN 40050/IEC 529 on request.

  • 5. Optical Scales
    Steel scales are most preferred for measurements in machine tools and machineries as thermal expansion co-efficient of scales, matches with machine elements.

  • 6. DRO & Magnetic Scales

    Digital ReadOuts designed using integration components such as Microprocessors, EPLD, Multi-player PCBs with SMD components resulting in most versatile and reliable equipment available in market.

    Magnetic Scale Image: